How we work


Through practical consultancy, management insight and knowledge of risk capital markets, CLT supports management teams to turn their technologies into profitable businesses, investors evaluate investment opportunities, corporates manage their venture portfolios and public sector bodies to deliver technology and business incubation programmes.

We focus on high-impact, high-value business interventions, always with a view to accelerating business growth. This might involve direct engagement with a client’s prospect customers, investors or strategic partners. Our engagements can last from a few months to longer term support over a number of years.


CLT has developed a variety of proprietary tools to aid new ventures in the evaluation of strategic partners, business models, value propositions and relationship auditing, and management of strategic sales opportunities. We have also developed business tools for a number of larger organisations including Shell, Reuters, QinetiQ, and DECC and Carbon Trust.

CLT passionately believes that the combination of scientific and commercial innovation and collaboration, open and honest communication can deliver sustainable economic growth and environmental improvement.

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