Carbon Limiting Technologies specialises in the commercialisation of clean, low-carbon technologies and markets.

CLT work with cleantech commercialisation projects.

CLT work with cleantech commercialisation projects.













Clean power:

  • Renewables solar, wind, marine, fuel cells
  • Nuclear (Fission & SMR)

Carbon Capture and Use/Storage

  • Power
  • Industry 


  • Clean heat: heat pumps, solar thermal, heat networks, geothermal
  • Energy efficiency: building services (HVAC, lighting), devices, BMS/BEM control
  • Components and materials, insulation, design and building systems


  • Low-emission vehicles, H2 & electric, traffic management

Waste & biomass:

  • Waste separation re-use, Bioenergy, Biofuel, Waste2Energy


  • Production, treatment, distribution, efficiency

Energy networks & Storage

  • Smart grid, micro-grid, DSM, mCHP
    Batteries, thermal, mechanical, hydrogen (H2), gases

Clean Industry:

  • Improved Equipment & Process efficiency
  • Resource efficiency (inc. lower Carbon feedstock/fuel)
  • Heat Recovery & Reuse
  • Electrification of Heat
  • Carbon capture & use (CCU)
  • Automation & Controls

Clean manufacturing:

  • New materials, design, digital production (industry 4.0)

Air and Environment:

  • Carbon sequestration, Emissions control

Climate technology innovation occurs in many diverse sectors but we see some common issues in commercialising new low-carbon, regardless of sector.

While some energy efficient clean technology is cost-competitive when compared with other solutions and will be implemented as a matter of course when a business’ facilities are upgraded, the benefits of other cleantech on the market may not be so clear-cut.

This means that a greater understanding of market requirements for new cleantech solutions and how they can be economically deployed needs to be progressed alongside technology development. The more that new cleantech is deployed, the more cost-effective it becomes compared to established solutions, which may not be so sustainable.

Therefore, it is essential for new cleantech to be tried and tested with a clear target sector and routes to market in mind. This is where CLT’s expertise comes in. CLT will consider all issues concerned with commercialising new cleantech and identify the solutions. These might include developing convincing pilots and demonstration projects, finding and engaging with industrial or corporate partners or clients, securing strategic sales or deals, and navigating the funding landscape.

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