Corporate Venturing

Supporting portfolio managers to select and nurture the ventures that will deliver next generation competitive cleantech products.


At the portfolio or individual venture level, we assist senior management to make informed decisions about cleantech venture creation, investment or acquisition, and venture support that is aligned with the strategic objective of the portfolio.

You may create a business venture portfolio for one of the following strategic reasons:

  • To nurture new technologies to market where they will generate complementary demand for your core products and services.
  • To develop innovative technologies, without distraction to the main business, to a point where they can be integrated into the main business as new product streams
  • To monitor and increase understanding and awareness of a new innovative technology, and its impact on the core business.
  • To diversify and grow the business into new products or markets
  • To accelerate delivery of new products & services faster than the incumbent supply chain.

We help prepare appropriate management tools for managing a successful portfolio including scorecard metrics for pre-revenue ventures, setting effective milestones, reporting structures and framework for intervention.

CLT can create a stage gate process and evaluation methodology to manage a cleantech venture portfolio, as well as offer independent appraisal and feedback on the strength of the portfolio, highlighting gaps and searching for acquisition targets or divestment opportunities.